Hello and Welcome!

Hello and welcome!  It’s nice to meet you.  I’m Cayman Gabriel.

Like my “About Me” section says, I’m a guy who is involved in a lot of different ventures.  I teach, blog, write books, podcast.  I speak to interested groups.

I’ve been a teacher since Y2K.  By 2008, I received nominations twice for the Golden Apple Award, which a teacher can only receive once in his career.  Most never do, including many who were/are more deserving than I.  In any case, I was at the peak of my teaching career and I hadn’t been teaching ten years yet.  Since I had my dream job, I just kept plugging away and figured I would until I retired.

Something More

Despite my love of teaching and desire to influence adolescents for the better, I always felt called to something more… something greater.  Taking stock of my gifts, I knew it would have something to do with communicating from the heart.  To me, that meant writing and speaking.  Realizing that in itself was not enough, until a series of events transpired in the Spring of 2017.