The Trouble With Dying… We Were Made For More

A Meditation as We Approach the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity

“It’s natural.”Trinity

“It’s a part of life.”

We often say these things with regard to death and dying.  The problem is, they’re not true.  We weren’t made for death.  God made us for so much more.

This past Saturday evening, my wife and I had the privilege of visiting with one of our closest friends.  Late-stage liver cancer left him with little time on this earth, and we all knew that evening would be our last goodbye.  As we drove away, tears streaming down our faces, I turned to the faith the three of us shared in common, and what follows is my effort to share the thoughts that came to my mind in that moment.

Some will find it ironic that the theme of dying would be the cause for a meditation on the Holy Trinity, but I think if you read on, you’ll see why it’s so fitting.