Forget Courtship…

...They don't even know how to date anymore!

CourtshipI’m old-fashioned.  I like the idea of courtship, even with a modern twist or two, but something happened recently that made me think, “Forget courtship.  Young people don’t even know how to date anymore!”

So what was it?

A teenage girl I know very well received a text from a boy the same age.  It was the first time the boy ever contacted her.  He asked her to be his girlfriend.  Let’s break that down a bit…

  • It was the first contact.
  • He asked her to be his girlfriend.
  • He did it via text.  Let me repeat that one.  He did it via text.

Lest you think I am too hard on the boy, I assure you I’m not.  He gets a pass for two reasons.  First, he’s a young man and likely prone to boneheaded decisions.  Second, his actions are a function of the culture around him and how they do things today.  That said, it caused me to reflect on how I can prepare my children appropriately.

Petitioning God

What My Nightly Petitions Look Like

Petitioning God in MarriageToday is my 16th wedding anniversary.  As such, I find myself reflecting with gratitude on the blessings God has bestowed on me.  They are too many to count, but I think the ones that matter most are found in how I am petitioning God on a daily basis.  It occurred to me that these petitions might be useful to others, either as a reminder to consider your own blessings or as a framework upon which to construct/re-construct your own petitions.  Without further ado, what follows is how I end prayer each night with the family… for all to hear.

I ask God to bless our family with the grace to get to Heaven and to bless our Church with truth and reverence.  I also ask that He would call at least one of our children to the priesthood and/or religious life.  I ask that He would bless any future spouses of our children, that He would bless our families, our friends, and their families.  Amen. 

Allow me to break it down for you…

3 Keys to a (Mostly) Happy Marriage

Prayer, Sacrifice, and Dropping Your Drawers

Wedding Picture in IrelandJust as no person is perfect, no marriage is perfect either.  That doesn’t mean that a marriage can’t be a happy one, at least most of the time!

Here are three keys that I’ve found helpful in my own marriage, in hopes that they might bring some happiness to yours.

Pray Together – Stay Together

We don’t necessarily have a hand-holding, off-the-cuff daily routine of praying together.  We have prayed that way before, though, and it’s commendable.  Rather, my wife and I say our mealtime prayers together, our nightly prayers together, and we go to Mass together every Sunday.  From time to time, we’ve had a habit of praying an Our Father together in the mornings before work, offering it for a daily intention that each of us has.  Likewise, we invite each other to go to Confession when our hectic Saturday schedules allow us to go together.  On special occasions, we go to devotional prayer services offered at local parishes, praise and worship gatherings, and concerts of our favorite Christian artists and bands.  All of this speaks of a life immersed in prayer, and we are not alone.

I am blessed to know many couples who share similar habits.  While none of our relationships are without challenges, I firmly believe that prayerful communion with God is the ultimate tie that binds a married couple.