The Summer of Dreams

It felt like it would never arrive.

I’d been counting down the days for school to come to an end and finally allow me the time to chase my dream.  Now, school’s out and today is officially the kickoff to the Summer of Dreams!  What is the Summer of Dreams?  Read on…

In this post, I am inviting you to come along for a journey.  The beauty of it is that it’s not just my journey, but yours too.  We might not share the details, but substitute my dreams and goals for your own and see if my journey encourages you to adapt it for yourself.  I want to briefly share:

  • Where I’ve been
  • Where I’m at now
  • Where I’m headed

Where I’ve Been

Step 1

In the last 6 weeks or so, I accomplished a lot.

First, I did a serious self-assessment.  What are my gifts?  What do I enjoy doing?  Why am I here?  I know… that one’s pretty deep, but important!  What did I learn?  I communicate well.  Whether it be teaching or writing, I have a way of getting a message across in an interesting and understandable way.  More than that, it’s also what I enjoy doing.  Nothing makes me feel so alive as when I’m able to stir people’s hearts.  Realizing my gifts and what I enjoy doing led quite naturally to understanding my purpose.  I’m a messenger.