3 Steps Toward Becoming a Friendlier Person

The Fleshing Out Carnegie Series - Part 1

Dale Carnegie - FriendlierIn this post, I offer you 3 steps toward becoming a friendlier person.  It is just part 1 of my “Fleshing Out Carnegie Series,” which is based on the major themes of Dale Carnegie’s writings as delineated in Dale Carnegie’s Golden Book.  To learn more about Dale Carnegie, who was perhaps only distantly related to steel mogul Andrew Carnegie, you can read his bio here.  Though there is no mention of his faith in the bio, he was a devout Christian and often referred to Jesus in his writings.

What This Series Is

This series contains my own personal reflections on how Carnegie’s major themes might be useful today.  In particular, I offer a Catholic spin on them whenever and wherever it seems appropriate.

And the title… Fleshing Out Carnegie?  It’s a play on words.  Carn = Latin for flesh.  Sorry, I’m a geek for that kind of stuff.

What This Series Is Not

This series is not a summary or analysis of Carnegie’s own understanding of each of his major themes.  Interested in learning more about those?  Simply go to the first link above and read his books.  By all accounts, they are classics and very worthwhile.

As promised, what follows are three steps toward becoming a friendlier person.