Patience and Proper Praise

When listening to your kids is what God really wants

Praise and Proper WorshipOn Saturday morning I made the 40-minute drive to pick up two of my sons from Cub Scout Residence Camp.  Listening to my “Praise and Worship” list on the way and singing at the top of my lungs, I was on top of the world.  Then it hit me.  In a few minutes, two boys would enter my vehicle and want to tell me all about their last several days.  My initial reaction to that thought was selfish disappointment.  “I’ll be interrupted from listening/singing all the way home,” I thought.  Just as quickly as that thought came, another took its place.  I needed to offer patience and proper praise.

Patience and Proper Praise

What do I mean by patience and proper praise?  I mean setting aside what I want to do, and what I think pleases God, in favor of offering Him what He really desires from me.  God desires a humble and contrite heart, as Psalm 51 tells us.  Convicted of my selfishness, I repented in the truest sense, turning away from my own desires and in the direction of serving my kids and their need for their father’s attention.  This is pleasing to God.

God Needs Us

It’s true that God doesn’t need us by nature, but by choice… that’s a different matter.  God does need us in the sense that He chooses to rely on us.  He needed me to model to my boys His own joy at listening to His children.  Like an echo from our Savior’s own words, I hear that, “Music I will always have with me, but my children I will not.”  The present passes.  God needs us to offer Him the presence of mind to live in the now, loving on our kids and building them up so they are fit for His Kingdom.

What You Can Do

Join me today and choose just a half hour of your day to really be present to someone you love.  Set aside whatever else you planned to do and hone in on what matters most.  No doubt this will be the kind of offering to God that is true music to His ears!  Oh… and don’t be like this guy…

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