High School Halls

Notes of Nostalgia

High School HallsToday my daughter had her freshman orientation at our alma mater.  The place is different today, but the old High School Halls are still full of notes of nostalgia.

Hitting All the Right Notes

Walking through those High School Halls, I pointed out where my locker was.  I showed my daughter where my favorite classes and teachers were.  We passed through what used to be our cafeteria, which is now called the Commons.  I popped into the boys restroom by the old band room, and while that sounds unimportant, it was once a favorite spot!  No, smoking nevered happened in there, at least not on my watch.  It was singing.  My best buds and I used to sing acapella in that bathroom because the acoustics were phenomenal.  Around every corner of those halls… a memory… even with the many cosmetic changes.

So Proud

My wife and I graduated from the school in the mid-90’s.  We intentionally chose to live in, and raise our kids in, the same community. Every time we attend a school function for our kids, we’re reminded how blessed we are.  As a family, we are proud to be from this special place.

High School Halls of Their Own

As our daughter enters High School, I’m full of joy and excitement for her.  I know for some, High School couldn’t end soon enough.  For me, however, it was not so.  I had some of the best times of my life in High School.  Interestingly, my grandfather told me to appreciate it while it lasted, because he said they were the best times of his own life.  ‘Twas good advice.  Now, I want to pass that appreciation on to my own kids.  It sure goes fast.

To thee our high school, we raise a cheer prolong.

Cherish sweet memories, as we sing this song.

Days filled with laughter, we’ll remember after

We’ve left thee, Lake High!

Rock ’em, Blue Streaks!

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