How To Reach Us

We never lose sight of the fact that all of us are personally affected by the content we absorb. The fact this site and our media platform exist are proof positive of that. We at CGM have been motivated by many in our lives to become who we are. Some have impacted us in ways that showed us how not to be, while others have thankfully shown us how we ought to be. We don’t know which of those we are for you, but we truly hope it’s the latter.

Naturally, if you have a comment that’s better geared for public consumption, even if it’s critical, then please share that comment in the comments section of a particular post. If it’s something else, though… a personal question or you’re looking for feedback on something… you name it… then shoot us an e-mail using this form! Connecting on the personal level is most meaningful to us, and you can count on our response.