Prevenient Grace and… Netflix?

Discovering What It Means to Walk in Mercy

The Prodigal SonAm I really sharing a post on prevenient grace and… Netflix?  You betcha.  Indulge me.

When a friend suggested a few days ago that he planned to begin a 33 Days to Morning Glory trek toward renewing his consecration to Mary this Aug. 15, the Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary, I told him I would do the same.  Having done it using that method, as well as according to the traditional method given by St. Louis de Montfort, I opted for a third way in hopes of discovering some fresh insights.  That method is Totus Tuus: A Contemplative Approach to Total Consecration Through Mary.

The author of Totus Tuus is Father Nathan Cromly.  He’s something of a “rockstar” among my wife and her friends, as well as several other folks I know.  According to my wife, he gives amazing retreats.  She should know.  She’s been on two in consecutive years.  I hope she goes on more.  Shoot… I think we all should go on more retreats, especially ones led by the Holy Spirit and great priests.  That’s a bit of an aside, but the point remains that Father Nathan blazes a trail in the Church today, and when I recalled he put together a book on Marian consecration, I figured it would be very good.

Two days into the path to consecration, and the lessons blow me away.  That’s no easy feat, mind you.  With a Master’s degree in theology, a catechetical diploma endorsed by the Vatican, 15 years of experience teaching religion, and theological study as a hobby of choice, exposure to something entirely new to me is rare.  Oh, how I love it when I am, though!  It reminds me of those heady days in my 20s, when I felt like I was learning something new about God, His Church, and myself in relation to these things everyday.

What blows me away?  Prevenient grace.  Stick with me.  This is good stuff!