The Catecast #0001 – Introducing The Catecast

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It’s hard to believe it’s finally here.  The day has come to share our new podcast with the world!  Welcome to The Catecast #0001 – Introducing The Catecast!

Cayman Gabriel Media’s own Mark Moorhead will host The Catecast, a podcast that aims to share the Catholic faith with anyone who wants to learn.  Mark does this in an engaging way.  He relies on over 15 years of full-time catechetical experience and an advanced educational background in Catholic theology.  His systematic approach is simultaneously thorough yet entertaining, and it’s sure to capture your attention.  He’ll have you learning more about the Catholic faith in no time!

In this first episode of what we hope to be a weekly program, Mark:

  • Thanks Catholic recording artist and friend, Ben Walther, for permission to use his music for the show
  • Introduces himself, including his background as a Catholic, husband, father, and teacher.  He shares his educational background and passion for handing on the Catholic faith
  • Explains how the next episode will introduce the purpose and format of the show while walking the listener through it step by step

Stay tuned for more next time as we continue “casting the net” to win souls for Jesus Christ on The Catecast.The Catecast #0001 - Introducing The Catecast

Author: Cayman Gabriel

Cayman Gabriel is the founder of Cayman Gabriel Media. He produces works of Christian fiction with a Catholic flavor and is a frequent contributor to the blog.

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