Introducing Cayman Gabriel Media

Cayman Gabriel Media, LLC was founded in the Spring of 2017 in order to inform, entertain, and inspire anyone who is thirsting for something more in his or her life, through the written word and audio technology.  Cayman Gabriel Media is staffed by two talented communicators, Cayman Gabriel and Mark Moorhead.

Cayman Gabriel

Cayman is a practicing Catholic, specializing in Christian fiction with a Catholic flavor, though he also dabbles in Catholic non-fiction.  He is also a regular blogger on this site, and the driving force behind the brand.

Mark Moorhead

Mark is a devoted Catholic, husband, and father of five amazing kids.  He is a Golden Apple award-winning teacher and catechist with a Master’s in Theology from CDU and a Catechetical Diploma endorsed by the Vatican.  Mark specializes in Catholic and inspirational non-fiction and is a frequent guest blogger on this site.  His podcast, The Catecast, is produced by Cayman Gabriel Media and hosted at caymangabriel.com.