Let Me Introduce Myself

Hello.  It’s nice to meet you.  I’m Cayman Gabriel.

Like my “About Me” section says, I’m a guy who is involved in a lot of different ventures.  I teach, blog, write books, podcast, and speak to groups who are interested in and inspired by what I have to share.

I’ve been a teacher since Y2K.  By 2008, I’d been nominated twice for, and finally awarded with, the Golden Apple Award, which a teacher can only receive once in his career.  Most never do, including many who were/are more deserving than I.  In any case, I was at the peak of my teaching career and I hadn’t been teaching ten years yet.  Since I had my dream job, I just kept plugging away and figured I would until I retired.

Despite my love of teaching and desire to influence adolescents for the better, I always felt there was something more… something greater I was supposed to be doing.  Taking stock of my gifts, I knew it would have something to do with communicating from the heart.  To me, that meant writing and speaking.  Realizing that about myself in itself did not allow the dream to be realized, until a series of events that transpired in the Spring of 2017.

At the time, I was paying attention to short, daily videos by Matthew Kelly.  I was reminded that I had dreams and that it was important to get after them.  After all, if attaining my dreams would help me become the “best version of myself,” (to borrow Matthew’s famous catch-phrase), then chasing my dreams wasn’t just something I could do.  It was something I should do.  Those dreams of extending my influence beyond the confines of the classroom, to various age-groups that I knew would resonate with what I have to share, became clear and concrete to me.  I would write books, and thanks to my lovely bride’s suggestion, I would also “cast” my voice far and wide.

I began to research writing websites, podcasting tutorials, and my head was spinning.  Then I stumbled upon Cliff Ravenscraft, the Podcast Answer Man.  I downloaded about 150 of his latest podcasts and became increasingly inspired.  He turned me on to Michael Hyatt, and after reading his book, Platform, I was ready to jump in head-first.  I began to take the wisdom of these sages and apply it.  I started writing, but as I wrote, I wondered about publishing.  That’s when I found Kindlepreneur and Dave Chesson.  Let me tell you… he’s right there with the other guys I’ve mentioned in the last two paragraphs.  One day, I will owe them all a debt of gratitude, because they helped me see the steps I needed to take to begin moving toward my dreams, and my dreams are about to be realized.

My first book is about 10% written, and I’ve got ideas for my next five or six books already.  If I only had more time to write, I’d be putting out several thousand words a day with ease.  I expect to have my first book published by the Fall of 2017.

As for my podcast?  It’s secondary to my writing right now, but since it will deal with writing, I can see a day where it will be on par with it and the two will go hand in hand.  I expect to begin work in earnest by the Fall of 2017 at the latest.

None of that tells you a whole lot about me, however, if I don’t share with you what’s most important in my life.

I am a faith-filled Catholic, married to my high school sweetheart and girl of my dreams, and I’ve been blessed with five amazing kids (plus one known only to God).  I am a hopeless romantic who struggles with the cynicism so abundant today, especially among the younger generation, but who remains an optimist that true love never dies.  Indeed, truth and love are my message.