If Your Life Had A Soundtrack…

What songs would be on it?

If Your Life Had A SoundtrackIt’s fairly common for our family to gather around the tv once things settle down for the day.  Lately, everyone enjoys watching Hallmark movies.  No, they aren’t the best plots, nor do they have the best acting.  However, they are clean and wholesome by today’s standards, and by-and-by, they’re very positive.  A recent one, ironically titled Summer of Dreams, portrayed Debbie Gibson, playing the role of a 40-something former female pop-star who peaked in her teens (in other words… playing herself).  Her character had a line about life being a soundtrack.  I asked myself… If your life had a soundtrack… what songs would be on it?  Isn’t that just a phenomenal thing to consider?

If Your Life Had A Soundtrack…

Soundtracks are fun.  They have a way of taking us back to memorable moments in movies or shows.  The only thing I can think of that is more powerful for me in that way are certain scents.  Wow, can a scent take you to a different time and place, but that’s another post for another day!  Music has its way with us too.  It’s a powerful tool for engaging our memories.  That said, it’s worth asking, “If your life had a soundtrack… what songs would be on it?”

Christ Our Life

Catechizing Your Children

Christ Our LifeThis summer I’ve been catechizing my 6th, 8th, and 9th grade children by using the Christ Our Life series by Loyola Press.  This series is my favorite for catechesis.  Knowing it inside and out from using it so much as a full-time 6th-8th grade catechist from 2002-2012, I no longer need the books.  I simply use the links provided below, which I believe are sufficient for most, to be honest.  There are study guides and games to help teach your children the faith, without all the silly stories about “Johnny and Susie” that bore kids by pointing out the obvious.

Christ Our Life – 6th Grade

The 6th grade curriculum starts with creation and ends with John the Baptist.  This means it covers the entire Old Testament.  It begins with the Pentateuch and the stories of the patriarchs.  Next, it covers the period of judges and kings.  Then it moves on to stories and teachings of the prophets.  Finally, it comes to a close with the last and greatest prophet, John the Baptist, the one who ushers in the coming of the Messiah.  Interwoven throughout are teachings on the Ten Commandments, morals and principles of decision-making, and more.  I love the opportunity to introduce kids to Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition, pointing out situations that prefigure the coming of Jesus.

High School Halls

Notes of Nostalgia

High School HallsToday my daughter had her freshman orientation at our alma mater.  The place is different today, but the old High School Halls are still full of notes of nostalgia.

Hitting All the Right Notes

Walking through those High School Halls, I pointed out where my locker was.  I showed my daughter where my favorite classes and teachers were.  We passed through what used to be our cafeteria, which is now called the Commons.  I popped into the boys restroom by the old band room, and while that sounds unimportant, it was once a favorite spot!  No, smoking nevered happened in there, at least not on my watch.  It was singing.  My best buds and I used to sing acapella in that bathroom because the acoustics were phenomenal.  Around every corner of those halls… a memory… even with the many cosmetic changes.